Business communications has changed radically in the past decade. Functionality has exploded, from telephony to IP-based unified communications (UC). Adjacent markets have merged through the desktop, anywhere connectivity and the power of SIP. While the number of features has grown by orders of magnitude, requiring R&D, Marketing and Sales to keep current on many more fronts, the irony for manufacturers is that the technology is a commodity and ASP’s continue to decline.

Enterprises have many choices for obtaining communications solutions beyond traditional CPE manufacturers, and can turn to non-traditional providers, including technology leaders from the computer industry, software developers, third party application/system vendors, systems integrators and network service providers. To remain competitive, manufacturers and their channel partners must keep a close eye on the competitive landscape while differentiating themselves through creative new capabilities and architectures, and most importantly, helping enterprises solve their business problems.

InfoTrack can help manufacturers and their channels…

  • Understand how different vertical and size segments of enterprises and small/medium businesses plan for and use UC applications
  • Recognize the effects of adjacent and disruptive technologies on companies’ investment roadmaps
  • Monitor competitors’ market positions in specific applications and capabilities by size segments, revenue, specific countries and global regions and anticipate future moves
  • Identify opportunities to improve their competitiveness based on customer perceptions of manufacturers, including quality of service and ability to solve business problems
  • Map competitors’ products to enterprise and small/medium business size segments based on market share
  • Compare competitors’ software assurance programs and license bundling strategies
  • Keep up with industry best practices in software assurance and license management

Using InfoTrack, manufacturers can…

  • Opportunistically identify market segments based upon competitor activity or enterprise and small/medium business needs
  • Create accurate and realistic business plans by using market share reports, forecasts and demand research
  • Prioritize investments in product development based on research that identifies customer priorities and UC spending plans
  • Rely on neutral analyst research to publicize their competitive positions and shares of key market segments

InfoTrack provides the following tools to support manufacturers and channel partners…

  • Unified communications, contact center and messaging market share and revenue tracking and analysis by global region, specific countries and size segments
  • Market intelligence reports describing factors that influenced competitors’ growth or decline each quarter
  • Software assurance program comparisons, analyses and best practices
  • Annual forecasts by technology, application, global region and customer size segments
  • Demand research that probes U.S. and global enterprise and small/medium business needs, decision criteria and investment plans for UC applications, adjacent and disruptive technologies
  • Research and analyses to answer clients’ specific market information needs
  • Analyst briefings and support to address specific organization questions
  • Custom projects, support and research in such areas as competitive market assessments, market opportunity analyses, new product launch assistance, vertical market research, marketing and business surveys

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