InfoTrack for Converged Applications

InfoTrack for Converged Applications (ICA) analyzes and forecasts shipments, installed base, revenue and market share for Messaging systems (Voice Mail, Unified Messaging) and Contact Center system agent seats. ICA is used by market analysts, strategic planners, product managers and senior management to assess relative performance, competitive strengths and weaknesses, and future market opportunities. Market share is reported by manufacturer for each major region of the globe, and includes information by system size segment for mailboxes/seats, systems, and call center agent seats. The Messaging reports include attach rates utilizing communication shipment information from our IEC program, as well as analyses of the penetration of UM by region and by manufacturer. Annual five-year forecasts of shipments and revenue covering the same regions and customer segments are also provided.

ICA is sold as an annual subscription. Subscribers to ICA receive four reports annually – one messaging and one contact center report covering the first half of the year, and a second set of the two reports covering the full year. Each report also includes data in a pivot table enabling clients to easily manipulate the views for custom analyses. In addition, two market intelligence reports on contact center shipments are provided, one for each period. The market intelligence reports describe key drivers and inhibitors of shipments by manufacturer in each period.

The annual reports also include a view of the U.S. installed base for each application.

Customized versions of the Global report that include line and system shipments by size segment for specific countries and manufacturers are also available, as are analyses of such factors as channel performance and customer needs/issues by country.

A subscription to ICA enables clients to…

  • Assess the rate of adoption of new technologies (i.e., Unified Messaging and IP enabled contact center agent positions)
  • Determine market position and track changes over time versus sales and promotional efforts
  • Gain better insight into the shifting competitive landscape, both globally and by region
  • Prioritize target markets and develop strategies by region
  • Prepare revenue estimates based on segment size and technology penetration
  • Create promotional messages based on shipments, technology, UM take rate, customer size categories and market share
  • Identify strategic opportunities and promote advantages vis-à-vis competitors
  • Analyze historical trends using pivot table data back to 2006
  • Easily access historical reports via the InfoTrack website
  • Obtain eight hours of custom consultation and analysis as part of the subscription

Customized versions of ICA that include shipments by size segment for specific countries and manufacturers are also available, as well as analyses of such factors as channels and customer needs/issues by country.

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Regions Covered
 •   U.S.
 •   Canada
 •   Asia Pacific (APAC)
 •   Caribbean Latin America (CALA)
 •   Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA)
Manufacturers Tracked
 •   Aastra  •   Microsoft
 •   Alcatel-Lucent  •   Mitel
 •   Altitude  •   NEC
 •   Aspect  •   Panasonic
 •   Avaya  •   Samsung
 •   AVST  •   ShoreTel
 •   Cisco  •   Siemens
 •   Genesys  •   Toshiba
 •   HP (3COM)  •   Vertical Networks
 •   Interactive Intelligence  •   Zeacom
 •   Iwatsu  •   Others
Size Segments Covered
  Messaging Mailboxes     Contact Center Agent Seats  
 •  1 - 50  •  1 - 20
 •  51 - 100  •  21 - 40
 •  101 - 200  •  41 - 75
 •  201 - 400  •  76 - 150
 •  401 - 1,000  •  151 - 400
 •  1,000+  •  400+
 •  add-ons

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