Improving UC Business Value

T3i Group research clearly shows that businesses have come to believe UC has the potential to improve user productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business performance. Actual adoption and utilization patterns, however, do not always follow, slowing the ROI and rate of business improvement and also slowing the sale of additional or upgraded solutions on the part of manufacturers.

Part of the problem is that while manufacturers, business partners and companies place a great deal of emphasis on UC system capabilities to ensure that companies are purchasing a best of breed solution, once the solution is implemented, users are trained to interface with it and left on their own to improve productivity or business processes. If user adoption is robust and enthusiastic, their company will benefit and in all likelihood purchase more UC capabilities from its provider. If users do not perceive much personal benefit from these new tools or find their initial experiences are poor, business improvement potential will be left unrealized and sales of UC systems could suffer.

T3i Group has developed a business value guide designed to address this opportunity. The purpose of the business value guide is to show users how UC tools and practices can be an important means by which they can achieve:

  • Career advancement
  • Increased visibility as outstanding, professional performers
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, especially with virtual teams
  • Recognition for their efforts
  • More effective balance between work and personal life

The business value guide can be provided to manufacturers’ customers as a free tool which can be distributed to end users as part of the company’s transition to UC. It can also be customizable to each manufacturer’s set of UC offers so that it shows users how to be successful in terms that relate directly to the system they have in front of them. Manufacturers can also add their own case study examples.

The benefits to manufacturers include…

  • Selling more UC Systems and Applications>
    • ­Improve the level of customer return on investment by increasing user enthusiasm and the resulting gains in internal productivity and external customer satisfaction.
  • Sell more UC licenses to existing customers
    • ­­­Increase the adoption rate and demand from end users in the company (create end user motivation/end user pull)
    • ­Increase the number of licenses associated with the SW upgrade cycle
    • ­Create pressure on systems buyers from internal users to provide more productivity tools
  • Create greater customer loyalty based upon successful adoption and use
  • Create greater dealer/partner loyalty, add to their arsenal of sales weapons
  • Create more customer references and case studies for marketing efforts
  • Demonstrate thought leadership regarding the adoption of UC technology

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