Financial Analysts

Financial analysts typically gauge a company’s performance and potential on a variety of financial metrics. However, in order to gain a truly insightful understanding of the health, or lack thereof, of a business communications vendor, being able to review shipment and other market performance information is critical, especially when it is provided by an impartial, third party expert like InfoTrack. Without such data, making a good investment or providing sound investment advice to clients can be considerably more difficult.

With InfoTrack, financial analysts can…

  • Track an industry participant’s share and projected growth
  • Evaluate vendor strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitor industry shifts and anticipated opportunities and threats
  • Estimate a specific manufacturer’s growth potential based on its performance, as well as the industry’s historical and projected growth rates and the average growth rates of competitors
  • Quickly and easily analyze the industry’s performance over the past five years using the InfoTrack pivot table containing global shipment data by quarter and region

InfoTrack provides financial analysts with…

  • Market intelligence reports describing factors that were key to competitors’ growth or decline each quarter
  • Competitive analyses of the industry’s major players
  • Unified communications (UC), contact center and messaging market share data by size segment, technology, revenue, global region and specific countries
  • Annual five year forecasts of PBX, Key Systems, IP Telephony Systems, Hosted IP Telephony and Centrex
  • U. S. installed base of PBX, Key Systems, IP Telephony Systems by size segment and manufacturer
  • U.S. installed base of Hosted IP Telephony and Centrex
  • Enterprise and small/medium business interest in key new UC disruptive and adjacent technologies
  • Analyst briefings and support to help answer questions on the market, competition and individual competitors

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