Custom Surveys and Interviews

At InfoTrack, we maintain a database of approximately 20,000 enterprise and small and medium sized business (SMB) decision-makers who we survey for clients interested in identifying shifting market dynamics and gaining a better understanding of evolving business customer needs. Our surveys help clients to set strategy, tailor marketing collateral and create impactful sales messages in an ever-evolving market. We offer this service as a turnkey solution, whereby we design, develop, execute, tabulate and analyze the results of the survey, which are then provided to the client in a detailed report.

Our panel of enterprise and SMB decision-makers spans all industries and four size segments and covers the following regions: North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. It is comprised of C-level and other senior management executives.

Our skill at producing custom surveys has been honed through our work on InfoTrack’s longstanding subscription programs and can be applied to gather market intelligence that addresses a wide range of client-specific needs.

The following are some examples of the customized solutions we provide to clients:

  • Surveys to determine customer satisfaction with products and services
  • Surveys to prioritize product and application capabilities
  • Supplementary interviews that further probe particular issues or opportunities identified in the survey research
  • Statistical analysis, key findings and graphical interpretation presented in client briefings
  • Testimonials, case studies and best practice white papers for vertical target markets

Having a firm understanding of the trends, movement and underlying dynamics of the market in which a company operates is a vital component to its success. It is particularly valuable to gain insight into the needs, desires and plans of customers and prospects, especially in fast changing technology markets such as business communications. Our surveys provide such insight, and help our clients to see and better understand patterns, emerging trends and potential inflection points.

Size Segments Covered
  No. of Employees     Segment  
2 - 99 Small Business
100 - 499 Medium Business
500 - 2,499 Medium Enterprise
2,500+ Large Enterprise

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