Competitive Tools and Market Insights

For more than two decades, InfoTrack has helped clients improve their offers and increase their win rates. Marketing, sales, and product planning organizations have profited from our expertise creating a range of customized market analyses and competitive tools. Our clients use these analyses and tools to help position their products against key competitors, penetrate target markets and rationalize their portfolios.

Examples of the services that we provide include:

  • Creation of sales tools such as “battle cards” formatted for use by salespeople (partners or direct sales or both) and product marketing managers. Addressing such elements as product features, licensing, architecture and migration paths, the comparisons use a point/counterpoint technique to focus on client strengths and competitors’ weaknesses and game theory to outline possible competitive actions and responses.
  • Development of “landscape” analyses that position industry competitors against critical customer purchase and usage criteria and which can be used by clients in the creation of marketing collateral and in strategy formulation.
  • Production of SWOT analyses that pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to products and companies in both incumbent and emerging markets.
  • Preparation of market opportunity analyses for new products and services segmented by customer size, global region, industry and channel.
  • Authoring of white papers that describe market trends and issues, along with customer capabilities to best address those trends/issues, and which can be used for both internal purposes and in connection with marketing campaigns and collateral.
  • Development of comprehensive competitor strategy analyses that help clients see the big picture threats and weaknesses.

Our market share tracking and demand research subscription services contribute to our being the leader in monitoring and forecasting business communication technology adoption by enterprises and small and medium sized businesses (SMB) in the US and around the world. Our TelecomTactics databases, which provide rich detail on new and legacy communications products, uniquely position us to stay on top of market offerings and to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of all major product portfolios. These products and services, along with our industry leading analysts, are what enable us to provide powerful competitive tools and market insights. It is something we have been doing for more than 20 years.

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